Why I Moved From Wordpress
As some of you might have noticed, I moved away from wordpress and instead created this plaintext website. It might seem like an odd choice (and it is), but I have some reasons for this.
No Maintenance
Having a plaintext website requires no maintenance. I write something, upload the files and I'm done. All I need is a text editor and ssh (or ftp). What can break? The SSL certificate or the domain name can expire. That's it. What can break with wordpress? All of the above plus: - Php version change during updates - Random new vulnerabilities - Automatic updates can fail
Plaintext faster than php.
It is much easier to write in plaintext than to try to format things properly in a web editor.
Source Control
- The code is small and easy to understand. No surprises here. - I can use git to make backups of the website. No need for databases!
I'm not very good at styling and I can't be bothered to spend hours making everything look good. Also, I just like the style of plaintext. <3